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What is a Community Health Worker?

Community Health Workers (CHW’s) improve health outcomes in our communities as they are the bridge between communities and healthcare.  CHW’s are frontline public health workers who are trained to provide culturally appropriate health education, information, social support, and connect people with services they need.  WCDHD currently has four certified CHW’s, one of which is a Spanish-speaking interpreter, on staff to aid in prevention and education in the community.

What can a Community Health Worker do for you?

  • CHW’s can provide services in diverse settings such as local medical clinics, community service organizations, and in-home settings.
  • CHW’s work with individuals living with a long-term disease.
  • CHW’s may focus on prevention, exercise, and education programs to meet the needs of clients.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CHW’s can help improve health care access and outcomes, strengthen health care teams, and enhance the quality of life for people in diverse communities.