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Smoke Free

Save Money By Going Smoke-Free

Smoke-free policies are not only legal--they can help you save money.

Make the Change Today.

Smoke-Free Policies Help Reduce Fire Risk

Smoke-free policies are not only legal--they help keep people and property safe.


Benefits of Smoke-Free Policies

Not sure whether a smoke-free policy is the best option for your rental properties? Here are a few things to consider.

Smoke-free policies can save you money.

  • The cost of rehabilitating a smoking unit can be nearly seven time that of rehabilitating a smoke-free unit. 1

Renters prefer smoke-free housing.

  • Seventy percent of Douglass County, Nebraska, renters would choose smoke-free housing over a similar option that allows smoking. 2
  • More than a third of Douglas County renters would be willing to pay more for smoke-free housing. 2
  • Less than 17 percent of Nebraskans smoke 3; 85 percent of Nebraskans don't allow smoking in their homes. 4

Going smoke-free can help protect property and people from the risk of fire.

  • From 2005 to 2008, 221 fires in Nebraska were caused by cigarette smoking, resulting in over $2.9 million in property damage. 5
  • The fatality rate in smoking-related fires is nearly four time higher than the overall residential fire fatality rate, and injuries are more than twice as likely. 6

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