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Positive Pulse Wellness

The Positive Pulse Wellness Newsletter and Challenges provides the community with a free quarterly newsletter and challenge opportunities to promote health and wellness.  These resources include public health education and evidence-based strategies for healthy lifestyles and physical health challenges that could be used individually or as a family.

Positive Pulse Feedback

West Central District Health Department would like your feedback on our Positive Pulse Wellness Newsletters and Challenges. Your feedback and input on the following would be greatly appreciated:

  • What lifestyle changes to your health (i.e.'s: diet, exercise, meal choices) did you or your family make based on the information provided in the newsletter?
  • If you did not make a lifestyle change to your health, what was the reasoning? (i.e.'s: Financial issue, did not understand the information provided in the newsletter, the information provided did not interest you).
  • What changes or updates would you like to see included in future newsletters?
  • Suggestions for communicating the newsletters and challenges to the greater community? 
  • Any other pertinent information, ideas, or thoughts are welcome!

Who is the point-of-contact WCDHD can follow-up with on this feedback? (Optional)

Phone Number
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